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Fleetwood's modern factory in Long Melford, Suffolk represents the culmination of over thirty years of building quality touring caravans for a generation of satisfied customers.

cmx have been associated with Fleetwood for over half this time and cmx supplied the first computers that were installed on the site. The system has now grown to a full network with servers, cnc machines and all the cabling for the new systems and telephones were installed by cmx.

The company was founded in 1966 in London, moved to Colchester and then to its present site in 1976. Significantly two of the company's best known touring caravans, the Colchester and Melford took their name from their original manufacturing location, and each became a watch word for style, reliability and quality. The large dealer network ensures that there are sales outlets and service centres in all the major areas of Britain, and, traditionally the loyalty of a large number of these dealers over the years has ensured that there has been a continuous link of experience and knowledge to pass on to customers. Continued growth and expansion has enabled Fleetwood to spread its area of operation into Europe and during the company's lifetime, Fleetwood has exported its products into France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark.

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This right minded approach embodies the new Fleetwood spirit. It is the desire to continually improve; it is constantly listening to our customers; it is offering the best of service and producing touring caravans that are the finest in Britain today.