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Tendring hundred Show Come and join the fun

The annual Tendring Hundred show is Essex county's premier agricultural show with over 200 trade stands and over 20,000 visitors.

The show is unique in that it only lasts one day but it still retains its family atmosphere. There is a lot of work behind the scenes making sure that it all happens on the day. There are several computers used at the show office which operates the whole year just to organise the one day. The systems are networked together and use powerful printers for production of the paperwork that a show this size needs to have. The systems have been updated three times in the 14 years that cmx have been involved and show day is special for cmx too.

The first show computers were used at involved generators and stabilised power supplies with backup systems to make sure that nothing could go wrong. CMX staff are still available on the showground with spare equipment and although it is all now battery powered laptops, the results still have to be produced in minutes which is why cmx are there - just in case.

The Tendring Hundred Show on July 12 2003 was bigger and better than ever. Following hot on the heels of 2002, the sun shone as 23,500 people flocked to the 92nd running of the event. Topping last year's record breaker by 1,500, it made the all-day agricultural show at Lawford House Park the most popular yet.

Tendring Show president Peter Rix said: "I thought it was a tremendous day. Everybody seemed so happy and really, really enjoyed themselves and there were so many people. I think the show allows a connection between town and country and is a chance to erase some of those problems that seem to crop up between town and country, while everyone is having a great day."

Animated crowds maintained a steady vigil around the president's ring, the central show area which holds the main displays, throughout the day. The busy line-up on Saturday included a range of events from a Tendring Dog Agility Display with a canine obstacle course to bagpipe bands, heavy horses, vintage cars and an eagerly-watched falconry display.

Sheep, donkeys, goats and livestock were strong competition entries as ever but everything from bees to badgers, ferrets to fancy rats meant there was something for everyone. The home and garden marquee did not just have floral displays but also a little Wivenhoe village in a tent as the town took the limelight as the community on display.

Plenty of pet participation also played a part as people were encouraged to bring their own dogs to join in the terrier racing event.

The country show, one of the biggest in the county was cancelled in 2001 due to the Foot-and-Mouth outbreak. It was the first time the show had been cancelled since the Second World War.

The show, organised by the Tendring Hundred Farmers Club, aims to raise awareness of agriculture and horticulture.

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