Help, Repairs, Disaster Recovery

Dont Panic

Among many things we do well, we excel in helping people in trouble. So here is a list of what to do if you are in trouble.

  1. Don’t try and do anything else, you may make it worse or unrecoverable.
  2. If you talk to the manufacturer don’t let them either take it away, do “a recovery” or re-install, you will lose you data and programs. Their only task is to return the system to the same state it left the factory. They are in a call centre; they do not feel any sympathy or responsibility.
  3. Call us on 01206 256459 for Essex and 01473 231800 for Suffolk.

  1. We will take your name and phone number
  2. We then decide which of our specialists will call you back. It’s free, no obligation, no hard sell, it’s quick, easy and you will be talking to a disaster recovery expert in your area.
  3. We guarantee that you will be impressed with the advice you will get.
  4. If you need a visit for an initial diagnosis it’s free
  5. If your machine needs to be taken away, then an estimate for repair will cost you £35 plus VAT.