What does support cost?

Peace of mind starts at £2.63

No one likes paying for insurance every month and not getting anything for it, but equally you don’t want to crash your car every year to get value for money. We have come up with a unique scheme, it’s called club class. For a small payment you can have help over the phone or by remote control, we will even come out to you within 8 hours when you have a problem, if its fixed in 15 minutes you have no more to pay, if not then you pay for the work done but at a lower rate than if you were just contacting us out the blue. The small payment? £2.63 per week per system. Of course we do the usual support and maintenance cover for servers and workstations but we will also incorporate ClubClass into your IT support needs which makes a considerable saving on six or more workstations and printers and infrastructure are included.