cmx Support

Whatever level of support you want, we can match your needs.

Whether you just want someone at the end of a phone for advice or you want full comprehensive cover on everything then we have what you need.

ClubClass cover from £2 a week*

Peace of mind but without a big premium.

 You get free help on the phone or even by remote control and if a specialist needs to come out then you won't have to pay for a callout and even the diagnosis is free.

You only pay for the work and any parts. You even get 40% off the normal fee.


Goldcare cover from £4 a week*

For remote / on-site support on either hardware or software then choose Goldcare.

You get all the benefits  of ClubClass but any work done on a software based contract is free or on hardware all the parts and labour are included.


Platinum  cover from £6 a week*

Platinum has it all; hardware, software, with virus and disaster recovery

 All call outs, parts and labour are included, this is best for critical machines and servers


*Price quoted is a weekly rate which is payable monthly or annually. Servers are assessed individually. Price applies for typical system with Microsoft Windows. For terms and conditions please ask.