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Current topics are:

Slow systems

Why do systems slow down or appear slower than before? What can you do about it without getting a new system.

Internet safety

Everyone bangs on about Internet safety but what are the real risks and do I really need to protect myself? These questions are answered and tips on how to be safe and what does trouble look like when it happens and how do I get out of it?


OK, you know you should do it but is it worth it, what are the risks and solutions. On line backups and portable hard disks may seem and easy answer but they could be worse than useless, save yourself a load of unnecessary worry and get it right first time.

Disaster plans

Riots in UK 2011 - Would your business have survived if you were a victim, not only did shops get hit but 70% of the businesses, some office based were independent private businesses, only 10% will be running in a year's time. You don't need to be the size of New York to prepare a disaster plan.


Computers are reliable, never go wrong, hmmm, why do we always accept the phrase computer error as normal them. What makes systems go wrong and why is it that you can buy a famous brand like Sony or Hewlett Packard and have to bin it in just a few months after purchase? For example Sony notebooks have an inherent problem which kills them around 18 months after purchase!


Spam, lost e-mail's, junk traps and how to make these magical things work for you and your organisation. You would be surprised how e-mail's can get lost because exchange is not set-up correctly.

Working remotely

Want to work away from the office, trip away or time out. Maybe you have a worker who is off ill or who would rather work from home. There are a few ways to do this and we can tell you the cheapest, easiest, best choice.