Computer Advice & Sales

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We supply solutions by in-depth examination

We are not like other computer companies,

We are a technical company supplying solutions not a retail company selling boxes.

We don't employ any sales people, we are all technical specialists. There isn't any commission, sales targets or need to shift stock because we are told to. This means that we advise you based on your needs.

The key to our success is that we are in for the long term relationship.

The person who comes to see you will be responsible for over-seeing any installation and support. You will be appointed a technician who will know you and your site. You won't be passed from person to person; your appointed technician will see a problem to the end.

The usual sales progress is:

  • We arrange to visit you to find out what are your needs and problems.
  • We then send a proposal which details our solution for you
  • We can demonstrate either at our offices our yours how the solution will work
  • We install the solution perform all the training, data conversions etc
  • Most importantly - We look after you

What do we supply?

If it is remotely connected with computers then either we do it, or we can point you in the right direction to someone else who does. If it is something we handle then we usually know all the traps and tips because we have installed it before. We do not believe in turning our clients into guinea pigs. We are usually the same price as most people but we tend to have wider experience.

Just for the record, we supply: Hardware (computers, servers, printers, monitors, scanners, digital cameras etc.) software, networking, cabling, training, consultancy, web page design, engineering, upgrades, repairs, support, maintenance, installation, system leasing, media (disks and paper), programming, data conversion and we deliver! This is not a definitive list as we also look after equipment bought elsewhere.

After sales service

There is a complete page on this web site about after sales service because it is the most important component and a computer system that does not work is only useable as an expensive door-stop!

After delivery you will have access to support which not only includes responding quickly to a fault but also unlimited telephone support and even visits from our support personnel to your site to help with software or hardware problems. Other companies just offer you onsite maintenance and telephone support but if it is a problem with software they won’t send someone down to help you, if we need to - we will.