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With our wealth of experience and knowledge we are best placed to offer sound practical advice.

Whether you want pre-sales or after sales help, you can ask us for advice.

We have been involved in business information systems for over 30 years.

We can advise anyone from a small business to a large corporate.

We all need help and advice but where do you turn, who do you ask?

There are various choices:-  
  A friend?
  Another business?
  A shop assistant?
  A computer geek?
  Your Accountant?

Which of these can provide the good, accurate, unbiased help to help you choose what is right for you?

To help you they need to have a wide knowledge of computers, software, business procedures and systems. They also need experience of installing, using and problem solving. This is lacking in nearly everyone listed above.

The friend is unbiased and has your interests at heart but he won't have a broad knowledge of computers and software, even the shop assistant, geek or accountant will have limited experience about long-term use in a business environment. Even the advice from a fellow business person will be of limited use because he will only have in depth knowledge of his needs and problems.

The ideal person to advise you is an expert in computers who has had a long term experience in business software and systems and has worked with business people solving their problems. Many shop staff think this applies to them, however they are only there at the beginning of the sale or when the customer comes back to complain. Any problems are usually handled by an impersonal call centre. Which isn't what anyone expects when buying new equipment.

The other problem with sale needn't s assistants is that they are on commission and have targets to hit. So their interest is not really in your aims but with their own and you can never be sure who the advice benefits them or you.

We at cmx fulfill all positive requirements and we have to keep our own promises. The person who advises you is not only responsible for seeing that it is installed correctly, does what we say can do but also if anything goes wrong that person is the one who has to spend the time and effort making sure that this up and running again as soon as possible. At cmx we don't have commission, boxes piled high and the only target we have is the longer term satisfaction of our clients.

That's why you can trust cmx and our testimonials confirm the wise business decision that others have made.

We offer a free systems check over to show you how good high quality support can be. Our advice is free and without any obligation. We guarantee that you'll be impressed and realise why we have been about for over 30 years and is seen many competitors fall by the wayside