After Sales

Smashing computer

This is where we really excel. Too many suppliers want to shift a box and then give minimal support, usually over the telephone or internet, but what happens if the internet is too slow, which it usually is, or there is a problem with the internet. They can’t handle it. We find that it is often faster for the client to have a specialist call round and although our guaranteed response is within 8 working hours we usually are there within two and we have appeared on site regularly within 30 minutes.

Imagine you come in at 9am to find your internet won’t work, on the day you need to do your payroll on BACS. What’s better, a specialist there in 30 minutes or a long call to a call centre, often in another country?

“After sales” is so important that it has its own section called “Support” you will find out everything you want to know in this section. It covers all help, repairs, and upgrades. We will also help with any item, even if it wasn’t bought from us.