Hardware and Software

We are not driven by “special buys”, clearances, commission or best margin. We select what suits you, we don’t have sales personnel, everyone at cmx has a technical background and with our years of experience in supplying what’s right for each client you can be sure that what we recommend is in your best interests.

Man working on computer


Not every manufacturer produces a range of 100% perfect computers. One well known leading brand has a reputation for faulty memory sockets, another for screen failures. Our specialists have to solve these problems so we know what’s reliable. We also repair what others have supplied so our experience allows us to recommend what’s best and not what the salesman fancies.

The most important specification is never usually mentioned when buying a computer system but that usually decides if the system will slow down in one year or five. Many manufacturers make three ranges, the “cheap and cheerful”, the “usual average” and the “ Powerful and Dynamic” but how do you tell and which one do you need? We know from experience which would suit you best. You should usually buy a machine with a view to 5 years usage. Most of the “cheap and cheerful” are expected to last 18 months of business use, so if you want five years usage you will need to be prepared to buy three machines over the same time scale, and that gets expensive.

Our own brand equipment is built using leading manufacturers to our specification. A system can be built, tested and shipped to us within three days, servers take a little longer. What you get is the perfect solution to your problems, we will also load it, transfer data from and old system and add all the extra software that you need plus some other utilities you may not be aware of.



We hold agencies for the leading brands and some lesser known ones too. We handle Microsoft software and as a Microsoft partner we have over £65,000 worth of software for in house use and experimentation. We also handle leading accounting packages like Sage, Customer Relationship Management software such as ACT and Microsoft CRM.

Altough many businesses have similar needs there is never a one size solution that suits everyone. You can only make the right decisions when you have the right information and if the person advising you doesn’t have the experience and knowledge then they can’t know you, your business and your needs either. So your decision might not be the best and could be disastrous.

Putting it all together

Whether you have a single computer running your office or a network of three servers in two offices you need to make sure that your supplier “knows his stuff” There is no point having choosing a system that your supplier has never seen before or doesn’t have a similar one to train themselves and experiment on.

We have discovered that there are many computer “experts” out there who may know their way around a PC as an enthuastic amateur but as soon as it's a network or domain system they are lost. They run out of knowledge and don’t have the resources or experience to help.

We have supplied many software packages, installed, trained, used and then provided support so we know what’s best for you.