We use and supply servers from IBM / Lenovo and Fujitsu Siemens. We also have our own range of servers which represent excellent value for money and offer the flexibility only obtainable from an own brand however we use Intel processors on Intel Motherboards in Intel cases.

Every server is chosen to suit the needs of the client. Some servers carry on working even when a disk or power supply fails.

inside server

The CMX Range

There are two ranges of server from cmx. The rack mount Endurance and free standing Constellation series. The Endurance series is named after ships with a theme of longevity and the ability to work in hostile environments and the Constellation series are named after groups of stars based on Greek mythology, The pictures for the constellation series have been kindly given to us to use by the U.S. Naval Observatory and the Space Telescope Science Institute.

The descriptions here are brief as each server can be configured to your needs and we will need to examine and talk about your requirements before putting forward a solution.
There are three models in the constellation series; Andromeda, Orion and Perseus. The difference is expandability, performance and fault tolerance. The lowest model is used in a small workgroup for small amounts of data and any down time is not important, whereas the Perseus is fault tolerant and will keep on working when other servers stop until they are repaired, it has the widest choice of failsafe devices. It also has all the major devices and concepts as standard.

Andromeda server

Andromeda (the Princess)

This is our entry level server and it is small and compact coming in at a small 200 x 430 x 485mm

Its ideal as a mail or backup server but it will also suit a small office where performance is more important than capacity and fault resultant downtime.

The basic machine comes with a single hard drive, on board graphics and sound with three spare expansion slots. It can use a combination of six SATA drives for larger capacity and performance. It also has eight USB ports sharing two of them on the front of the unit for easy access and data transfer.

Orion server

Orion (the hunter)

This is our mid-level server which despite its modest price range boasts some impressive features. This is suitable as a small departmental server. It offers the performance of the Andromeda with increased expansion and better performance. It comes with a single IDE drive for the network operating system and dual SATA drives in a RAID configuration. The processor is an Intel package and the motherboard has an increased number of PCI and PCI express slots.

The system is extremely expandable and with some changes it can be upgraded to a specification similar to the Perseus server

Persues server

Perseus (The hero)

The most popular of all our servers. It is a mid-range server offering fault tolerance, performance, expansion, reliability and reduced down time as standard.

This server is designed to be a reliable departmental server and the peace of mind it offers is the reason why it is the most popular and selected by clients who care about performance and reliability.

Fault tolerance is provided by dual hot swappable power supplies and multiple mirrored disks.

Performance is provided by fast processors, faster graphics and faster SAS / SATA or SCSI disk drives for data.

Expansion means more bays and slots.

Reliability comes from high levels of cooling and better components.

Reduced downtime is needed to replace faulty components such as power supplies and drives as the server will carry on working seamlessly with a dead power supply and a faulty hard drive. It means that when a part does fail it either carries on working or it is quick to replace

Atlantic Ship

cmx Endurance Servers

The Endurance range of servers have been designed as the ultimate in performance, capacity and reliability. The system can be single or dual processor

They are designed to be rack mounted and can cope with acting as terminal, SQL, e-mail or company servers. You can use a combination of a server for each function mounted in the rack with UPS systems and distribution.

There are Three high quality models. The difference is in capability and capacity. All the systems are built using Intel Server motherboards and work with networks at 100 and 1000Mbps.