Winking Lynx

We supply systems from the leading brands such as IBM, Lenovo, Toshiba, Fujitsu but sometimes they don’t offer the best value or ideal configuration. For these circumstances we have our own range of purpose built computers which are assembled in Kent to our exacting specifications. There are two ranges of computer systems that we have available. The entry level series is named after birds of prey and the performance series after big cats, hence the winking lynx. It's unusual and special, like our systems.

All the systems are designed using the best components available in their particular class. We have only used quality components from Intel, Sony, Asus, Samsung etc. When you are reliant on the quality of your computer systems you need reliability, performance and long life, cheap components will not give this to you.

Our systems represent real value for money and not just a collection of the cheapest bits. Anyone can throw a system together but to manufacture one that will perform takes care and real knowledge of computer systems and their uses. For more information please give us a call, you won't talk to a salesman you will be able to talk to a support specialist who is used to helping people in plain English with a knowledge that can only be gained through years of experience in helping people like you. We believe in the long term business relationship and not the "quick kill" approach.