Computer Help, Repairs & Support


Support is all about getting you the appropriate help, when you need it, to get everything up and running again or even answer a simple query. We use a variety of methods to achieve this, it might be a phone call from your personal support specialist, this might result in giving you the right advice, using remote control on your computer or by coming down to see you in person.

Too many other companies rely on remote control or telephone advice only. This might be cheap for them but after 2 hours on the phone because you have to do all the work or having an out of action computer while they connect for hours over a slow Internet believe us, the novelty wears off. Ask anyone who has experienced this kind of service. Our specialists are on the road with a vehicle full of spares, tools and software. They can accomplish many more successful calls in a day than a call centre who just want to get you off the line, fixed or not, as soon as possible.

We have the choice of how to help you and we use the most efficient solution available to get you up and running, deal with your problem or answer your queries as soon as possible. We do not know of any other company quite like us, as we are looking for the long-term relationship rather than a "quick kill" approach. We believe that this is the only way to do business and guarantees a profitable long term relationship for us and our clients.

We have organised that no matter what the time of day or night (except Christmas day when everyone gets a day off except for the clergy and the guy in a sleigh) 24 hours a day, seven days a week you will be answered by a human being, we hate answering machines and telephone systems that tell you to press "1" for this, "2" for that, and so on, so we don't impose this on our clients.

If you want to see how good professional support can be then give us a call and ask for free, no obligation, systems check over. We guarantee that you will be impressed with the results.

Support comes in various shapes and sizes and it covers hardware, software, systems. We can advise was right for you but just have a look at the topics on the right hand side just to clarify all the differences.