Cmx Control

This is a temporary program that allows us to take remote control of your system.

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When you make a connection using this button you download a small program from our website. The program takes control of your machine allowing us to use it as though we were sitting there. There are somethings we cannot do, such as initiate a connection. So if we need to re-boot your machine our connection is lost and you will need to connect to us again.

No one else can get in to your system using this and when closed it is unloaded from your machine. It is completely safe and will not damage your system or breach any security. If a connection cannot load it will stop trying after 5 minutes and unload itself.

There are four connection points and you will be told which one to use as each one goes to a different location.

If you have any doubts or questions then please talk to the specialist appointed to you.