Often there are files we recommend to help with a particular diagnostic and these are detailed below with some explanation. The list is not definitive but when we advise you to run a program then this is where you will find it.

We also subscribe to a service of low cost software, If you have a need for something then you can search for it here, these programs only cost a few pounds but you may get exactly what you need. To search then click on a button on the right hand side.

Viruses, Spyware and malwares


This program is available in either a free or paid for version. The paid for version sits on the system and checks and works all the time. The free version will only check the system for viruses and spyware when it is  run. It's pretty good and thorough and is our number one choice for a system that is behaving suspiciously.


This program spots only spyware which may be affecting the performance or security of your system. It will run automatically or do a scan when called. It's a free product and designed for techies,  but it's good. Don't install the "tea timer" if your system is short on resources. It will also "immunize" your system against spyware but  don't let that lure you into a false sense of security; you need to run this about once a week with normal usage.

Trend Housecall Eset Scan

Trend Housecall & Eset Scan
These are remote scanning programmes that look for and try to defeat viruses. If they say you are clear, then you can accept that but if they won't run then beware, you may be infected. Trend and Eset are probably the best mid range AV software available.

Hijack This

Hijack this (Use to analyse the results)
This is really a techie toy. It scans the registry - scary, the registry is the soul of your system and a screw up can turn your sytem into an expensive door stop, playing with the registry is about as much fun as blindfold laser brain surgery. If you just want to do a scan then copy the data to website above and it will analyse the results. Great in finding problems.

System Specifications

Belarc Advisor

This utility is great if you are building a disaster plan or a file covering what you have got. It tells you all the software and all the connections for each PC.


This produces a 60 page report (in a data file) which will tell you the real specification of your system. Forget the three line description you had when you bought it, this program tells you the real truth. Good reading for a bored techie, gobbledegook to anyone else but useful for seeing what you have got and what can be added, It won't give you advice but a techie can read where the improvements can be made.


Zip Central

free ZIP utility that allows you to read and make Zip files, it doesn't ask you to register or donate like WinZip.

Cute PDF

pdf printer, one of the best, it installed and selected like a printer and the you just name the file, where you save it and it becomes a PDF, it even suggest the name from the original document.

IP Scanner

Every device on a network has an address and 65500 ports, this program finds out what's there, what's it called, it's IP and all the ports whether open or closed.

Adobe reader

The only reader that is free and original, beware as it loads, a few seconds after it starts it asks if you want a Google tool bar, believe us, you don't. Open it, wait then untick the box before proceeding. Google toolbar slows your internet usage and tracks your searches hmmmmmmmmmm.

ADSL Broadband

Broadband Availability

Maybe you have broadband already, that may be but you may have had a service at a slower rate than you deserve, maybe they gave the extra speed to your neighbour, find out what you can get in your area.

ADSL Speed test

Promised an 8Mb service? This will tell you what you are getting in real life, you may be sharing your connection with thousands in your area so the 8Mb service is actually 1Mb. Also it tests the speed you send your page request up to Google. If you have got an upload speed of 448Kbps and  2Mbps download and you live in a small village then be pleased, in a town it's another matter. Use the Cairo connection and we will advise you if it's a good service or you should be getting better.