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Like most companies we offer onsite maintenance. However for complete piece of mind with no unexpected bills look at our support packages.

Maintenance is either ad hoc or under an agreement. The results are the same where a part is fitted and some time is spent. The difference is that the charges are very different; one is free under a monthly payment scheme and the other as charges for call out, labour and parts. The difficulty is that most problems are not caused by hardware failure and a maintenance agreement cannot cover this. If you want to keep the cost alone then look at our club class cover or if you want to avoid all charges and platinum is the best choice. To provide a quotation for maintenance just contact us with a list of equipment that you would like covered and we will be in contact with a price for various levels of cover.

The standard contract is an 8 hour response based on the normal working day. We can also do out of hours and faster response times. This covers Call out, Parts and Labour for hardware faults. If a fault occurs then we will attend usually within 8 working hours and rectify the fault. If the fault cannot be rectified immediately we will arrange a loan machine, provided the repair cannot be effected in less time than it takes to install a loan item.