Support Packages

There is nothing worse than an unexpected bill, a system that won't work as it did - or even worse, the inability to get a problem sorted out. To solve this we introduced our support packages. Most suppliers just offer a one-size fits all; we tailor ours to your needs.


Small business with one PC but you don't need much help, can't afford a fortune but when you need help you need it fast and free - How does ClubClass cover at £2 a week sound?

Need support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to cover everything even a disaster, parts labour and onsite visits That's Platinum Cover

Just want hardware maintenance, a piece of software covered or bits at all levels? That's cmx support; no one comes close to what we offer.

Most support companies just employ mechanics; they're very good at what they do but as this usually means just changing a part over without any regard to your data or how much work you have to do in recovery. They are more trouble than they're worth. Our specialists are experts in systems, software, hardware and disaster recovery. Their task is to get everything working as it was just before the failure unlike the mechanics task who consider a job well done when the computer is in the same state as it was when it left the factory but without your programs or data. Is very difficult to decide what is a hardware problem and what is a software problem, which is why our specialists have an incredible range of skills and wide experience of computer systems in business.

Over the thirty years we have been in business we have developed what we think is the ultimate set of packages that can be mixed around for every type of client. The entry level is known as the club class, for a payment of £2 a week you will get free call outs, free telephone support, free onsite diagnosis and you only pay for any parts used and labour which is supplied 40% less than our ad hoc charges. The next level up is Goldcare and it's available purely for either hardware or software. You get the same benefits as club class but if you have hardware cover then all parts and labour are free. Similarly if you have software cover then you will never get a bill for solving a problem with the covered program. This costs £4 pound a week.

For the ultimate level in cover we have Platinum, you get the benefit of Club class and Goldcare but for £6 a week virtually everything is covered free of charge including disaster recovery. It gives you complete peace of mind.

Servers can only be covered at the platinum level and pricing is dependent on the complexity of the server's role. You can mix and match so you can have servers and two key systems on platinum and everything else on club class. On a system which includes a server and six or more PCs we usually include the cabling infrastructure, printers, routers, switchers at the club class level free of charge.

For a complete comparison please have a look at the chart below or e-mail us to send you an explanatory leaflet.

  Ad-Hoc ClubClass Goldcare Software Goldcare Hardware Platinum
Weekly cost per system   £2.00 £4.00 £4.00 £6.00
Telephone support  
2 - 8 hour response times  
On site maintenance      
Callout £65 Free Free Free Free
Diagnosis £35 Free Free Free Free
Loan replacement equipment      
Annual review        
Onsite support      
Remote Support  
> Confidence checks        
>Six monthly checks        
Courtesy calls        
Operating System Updates      
Virus removal        
System Updates        
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