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"Without knowledge you have a collection of boxes with on/off switches and not much else"

CMX have an excellent reputation for training because we realise that without comprehensive training you will not gain the benefit from your new computer system. Training can be undertaken at your own premises or at a location of your choice, it is up to you but you may prefer working on your own equipment. We usually include a "play" area on most systems so that if you would like to try something out you can do so without worrying that you will change something forever.

We have two types of training available; Structured or formal.

Structured Training

This system of training is structured to your needs and each session usually lasts no longer than half a day, during which we cover only as much as you need to know until the next session. We can tailor our training package exactly to your needs. Here is a typical Structured Training programme for a full accounts system which comprises Nominal, Purchase and Sales Ledgers, Invoicing, Stock control and Payroll. Each session lasts a few hours ensuring maximum retention and concentration:

First Session

Using menus to enter and leave programs
Entering names and addresses into the Sales and Purchase ledgers
Making Backups
Switching off

Second Session

Entering Opening Balances onto accounts
Entering Payments, Invoices, Credits and Adjustments
Making Enquiries and producing Statements
Entering details on the Stock Control System
Producing Invoices
Making Backups

Third Session

Entering the Nominal Ledger Accounts
Posting to the Nominal Ledger
Journal entries on the Nominal Ledger
Entering Employee names into the Payroll System
Using Stock control
Using Payroll
Using Debtors/Creditors control
Making Backups

As can be seen we structure each session so that you only learn what you need to accomplish the next task in setting up and using the system. This method does not work for large numbers of people. .

Formal Training

If there are large numbers to train or your prefer a classroom environment then we have regular course covering most subjects. Please contact us for a list of courses

Able to Train?

Contact us with information on what you can do.