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The CMX Novinity Cloud Server

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CMX business computing


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CMX Business Computing Novinity Cloud ServerCMX Business Computing Novinity Cloud Server

Novinity Cloud Server

The CMX Novinity Cloud Server is a shoe box sized computer that sits in your home or Office and provides you with your very own cloud and programs which you and your colleagues have private access to.


  • Its always available even when the Internet goes down.
  • Private and secure with AV & Firewall protection.
  • No paying for loads of different on-line accounts.
  • Its a simple 3 year depreciating deposit with a single monthly fee.
  • Up to 10 users, more with a hardware upgrade.
  • Huge fee-free software choice, You have the following softwareinstalled ready for use: Customer Relation Manager, Accounts, Filestorage, e-mail, HR, Project Management, The choice is huge for additional items. There are also several creative packages available.
  • Nine servers rolled into one: SQL server, e-mail server, file server,web server, software server, print server, DNS, DHCP and SSH.
  • Automatic data backup into the cloud.
  • Compatible with PC’s, Tablets, Smartphones such as Windows, Apple, Android and iOS.
  • 24 hour swap out on hardware failure.
  • Support & Maintenance included.
  • You only commit for the first year. The monthly fee is fixed for 3 years. Then start again.
  • World beating software based on Linux.

What you get:-

A small shoe sized box (about 30cm x 10cm x 25cm mm / 12" x 4" x 14") which is a powerful Intel based computer with 2 mirrored .5Tb SSD drives, 8Gb RAM running CentOS7 Linux with the software pre-installed.

What it does:-

It sits in your home or office and gives you Cloud functionality in your own private space. You can replace Dropbox, Sage, Exchange, Backup, SugarCRM. Virtually everything that's available in the cloud has a similar package available to run on the Novinity Server.

It comes with an e-mail server, A choice of accounts packages (either a personal finance package or a full ERP), File hosting Database, Customer Relationship Manager and automatic backup. You can add journalling, Time tracking, HR, Project Management, MRP and so-on. The list and versions are virtually endless.

What you need:-

CMX - Novinity Cloud Server A mains socket and a good Internet connection. Cabled connection to your router is best. The bandwidth needed will depend on how many people will access it. We can advise.

How it works:-

You tell us what type of software you want. We will send you a list and a recommendation, you can try it out as we will load a sample set, send you a link and you can satisfy yourself that its right.

We install all the software and deliver the system to you, usually within a week. We hook it up, do a set-up and start it running. Any problems we can either work on it remotely or visit you on-site. If we need to we can replace it in 8 working hours with all your data back on it. You have ClubClass support included.


If you need more programmes or users then the system can be upgraded or added to. There is usually an increase in the charges for this.

What does it cost?

It starts at a depreciating deposit of £300 and £15.96 per user per month. (min 3 users. All prices are plus VAT.)

The system will cope with more than 10 users but you will probably want a bespoke solution which we will be happy to quote you for.