Lighthouse Platinum Wealth Management Ltd

Founded in 2001, Lighthouse Platinum Wealth Management Ltd is a family owned business based in Ipswich, Suffolk, striving for long-term client relationships based on providing the best independent financial advice. Their recommendations draw from the whole of the market, and they are committed to treating their clients fairly. Since 2009 they have a sister company, Kerseys Wealth Management Ltd, that serves as the in-house IFA for Kerseys Solicitors clients and staff.

We have been looking after Lighthouse Platinum Wealth Management since 2011. Initially with ad-hoc items on their existing system, which became a complete support and maintenance package after a few months. Since then, we have supplied new computer systems as both desktop and laptop and helped them move premises with the ancillary problems that BT caused. Lighthouse Platinum now stores backup data remotely encrypted on dual UK based servers, which we set up for them. We have also attended quickly when problem have occurred, with prompt solutions.

Portals to the Past

It is an innovative company providing exciting, immersive and inspiring history workshops for schools, presented by a charismatic team of “performing historians” with a deep-rooted passion for their subject.

Drawing upon an unrivalled pool of talented historians, archaeologists and re-enactors, they typically visit more than 1,700 UK schools a year and deliver hands-on, educational workshops that leave kids (and teachers) buzzing, its living history from experts. Imagine a real live “Viking” explaining aspects of his life to a class of children, an unforgettable experience.

CMX were introduced the Portals to the Past by one of their employees, who knew CMX’s reputation from several other businesses in the Bury St Edmunds / Ipswich area. The network was unreliable, and the systems were slow, which affected the performance when it came to bookings. They had been looked after by a local technician who was soon out of his depth and lacked experience.

CMX inspected the systems and using the existing equipment tweaked the performance by changing the Anti-virus package to one with more efficient performance, optimizing the network, removing expensive cloud based Microsoft Office 365 upgrading the connection to the internet. At minimal expense the system was transformed, and the computer systems were covered by the low cost on-site support package which is unique to CMX. Considerable annual savings have been made. The main computer system was upgraded recently.

CMX Business Computing Haverhill Lighting

Haverhill Electrical

Founded in 1981 Haverhill Electrical Suppliers is an independent electrical wholesaler in Suffolk. During their time supplying businesses in Haverhill, they’re proud to have become part of a network of outstanding businesses throughout Suffolk and the UK.

Haverhill Electrical have strong business values and with two local delivery vans at their disposal and where possible deliver orders on the same day.

CMX was recommended to Haverhill by a business coach as their computer systems were having some problems and the existing supplier was based in another part of the country and unable to attend on site for a support problem.

The systems had been supplied by the accounts’ software company, who had a third party install the hardware. CMX attended on site and soon discovered that the server installation wasn’t the best and there was no on-site support or repair service available for the computer systems and server. The server had been installed without consideration to the needs and requirements, and many settings needed to be changed to make it work as it should.

Haverhill Electrical now has replaced several workstations, upgraded the network cabling and is soon to replace the original server. A recent problem stopped all the systems working for two hours. The problem was quickly traced by CMX to the phone system and corrected, to enable trading to continue on a busy day.

Jodal Ltd

Jodal Ltd is a well-established independent importer of Latex Exam Gloves, Vinyl Exam Gloves and Rubber Gloves who only trade wholesale.

Jodal work directly with individual manufacturers in the Far East and give priority to supplying loyal distributors before developing new business. Jodal still collaborate with our original latex factory in Thailand which first supplied us in 1987. Jodal specialise in latex exam gloves, vinyl exam gloves and rubber gloves in addition to other disposable protective items.

CMX were invited in addition to other companies to offer support as the existing source of these services closed. All the systems were taken on and a new server and internet connection provided. Various issues have been resolved over the years that CMX have been looking after Jodal.