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CMX Computing Free Systems Check Over

Computers slow, unreliable, want to get the best out of what you have and not sure whether to replace or upgrade?

A free* no-obligation systems check over will put your mind at rest.

Many users complain about slow systems when a comprehensive check and tune up will do. We find that most systems are clogged up and loaded with software that slows the systems down, often there is spyware loaded.

Our aim is to get the best out of your systems and only replace them or add to them when you need to.

A support specialist from CMX Computing will visit and inspect up to three systems completely free of charge and supply a no-obligation written report on what you have, what needs doing and what it would cost.

You can decide whether to implement what we have recommended or keep it on file for the future.

This is what we will be checking:

Sweep system for malware, spyware and perform a Virus scan.

  • Many systems have spyware and trojans installed, and you won’t even know because they are designed to be hidden tracking you and stealing your data.

Check working, available and virtual memory.

  • Many systems are straining from lack of memory due to upgrades and larger files. If your hard disk light is flashing really hard when you load a program then your system can be slow from memory starvation.

Check versions of operating system and updates.

  • Most systems have the old versions of the operating system installed without any updates. This can make the system misbehave and be vulnerable to attack.

Check processor type and speed,

  • This will tell you how powerful your system is and what performance you can expect.

Check Video type and memory

  • Old video drivers and too little memory can make systems slow and unstable.

Check antivirus and anti-spyware type, version, and suitability.

  • If your antivirus is poor or out of date then you are asking for trouble, at best your system slows down, at worse your private information such as bank account or credit card details.

Check hard disk usage and reliability.

  • All of your data is held on the hard disk. These deteriorate with age and some are more reliable than others. You may be short on spare space.

Check network mapping and TCP/IP addresses.

  • Without the right settings, the system can be inefficient and things like printers stop, and the internet can be slow.

Check broadband speeds and settings.

  • Your broadband may be on old settings so that it is not as fast as it could be, You can get your supplier to make it faster with our information.

Check the installed settings.

  • You may not have everything set up as it should be.

Full report.

  • We write a comprehensive support which is easy to understand. It will tell you what can be improved and how much it costs. You will also see what support would cost at different levels.
*If you have more than three machines we will inspect the others for £10 each and a server for £30.