CMX Business Computing Support Packages

Support packages

There is nothing worse than an unexpected bill, a system that won’t work as it did – or even worse, the inability to get a problem sorted out. To solve this, we offer our support packages. Most suppliers just offer one-size-fits-all all; we tailor ours to your needs.

Small business with one PC, but when you need help you need it fast, our Club Class cover is from only £3.00 per week. Need support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to cover everything even a disaster, parts labour and on-site visits that’s Platinum Cover from only £6.00 per week.

You can mix and match, so you can have servers and two key systems on platinum and everything else in club class. On a system which includes a server and six or more PCs, we usually include the cabling infrastructure, printers, routers, switchers at the club class level free of charge.